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  • NWLA on “What’s On Your Mind?”

    Did you miss NWLA’s Troy Coons, Chairman, and Representative Alisa Mitskog, District 25, on the Scott Hennen “What’s On Your Mind?” radio show? Listen HERE for a recording of the March 20, 2017 show.

  • NWLA on “What’s On Your Mind?”

    Did you miss NWLA on the Scott Hennen “What’s On Your Mind?” radio show? Listen HERE for a recording of the February 6, 2017 show where Troy Coons, Chairman of NWLA, discussed SB 2332, HERE for a recording of the February 13, 2017 show where HB 1151 is discussed, HERE for a recording of the… Read more »

  • NWLA at the Legislature!

    Northwest Landowners Association’s leadership has been busy these last few weeks in Bismarck at the legislative session continuing to advocate for landowners. Specifically, here is a list of legislation currently being pursued. Please click on the bill number to be linked to the appropriate bill status. HB 1026: NWLA provided input and served on the… Read more »

  • NWLA on “What’s On Your Mind?”

    Today on Scott Hennen’s “What’s On Your Mind” radio show, Troy Coons, NWLA Chairman, summed up the 2017 legislative session. If you missed it, listen HERE.

  • Saltwater Spill Guidelines Established

    After 2 years of negotiations with the ND Department of Health, NWLA and other stakeholders have come to an agreement on guidelines for saltwater spill remediation. The guidelines can be found below. This is a huge victory for NWLA and landowners as the establishment of saltwater remediation guidelines advances the protection of soil, water, and… Read more »

  • NWLA in the NEWS! Check out some recent articles featuring NWLA

    ND House passes eliminating reporting of small oil spills, but landowners opposed Flood funding looks hopeful Lawsuit accuses Dakota Access of misleading landowners Landowners oppose bill that reduces oil spill reporting Oil spill reporting bill gets mixed reviews

  • Landowner Programs

    Pipeline Reclamation Problems? The ND Department of Agriculture’s new program can assist in resolving land surface issues and concerns with pipeline restoration and reclamation. Issues including deep ruts/uneven ground, improper vegetation reseeding, pooling water, slumping, soil erosion, and topsoil replacement can all be caused by the activities around water, gas, and oil pipelines. For assistance,… Read more »

  • Grant Dollars Awarded

    Northwest Landowners Association was awarded a $50,000 grant from Farm Credit Service’s Rural Community Grant Fund. The dollars are to be used to provide support staff to eventually transition NWLA to a full-time executive director.

  • Governmental & Mineral Development Information

    North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil and Gas Division Manitoba Surface Rights Association Oil and Gas Leasing, Rules, Policies and Forms Rights-of-Way & Oil/Gas Surface Agreement Procedures We look forward to sharing ideas and information with you. If you have any questions or comments, please email them to