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Next Steps: Pore Space Bill

We need to move forward to address a number of issues impacting landowners; with the most pressing issue being centered around, the Pore Space Bill, SB 2344. This Bill was signed by Governor Burgum on April 18 and now the looming question is, “How can we stop this?” The NWLA Board of Directors is working diligently to be thoughtful in the way we approach the uncharted territory of potential referendum and lawsuit. This law is a bald face taking of property rights and will have many unintended consequences if not addressed. Now is when we call upon the landowners of North Dakota to step up and protect your rights. We need you to make your voice heard!

There are several ways you can get involved. The first option is to become a member of Northwest Landowners Association; where 50% of dues are used towards legislative efforts. The second option is to make a donation to Northwest Landowners Association for legislative efforts. These funds will be used towards advertising campaigns, marketing, and legal costs to fight against the Pore Space Bill, SB 2344, to protect the property rights of ND farmers and ranchers. We have already negotiated discounted rates with several law firms who are ready to continue the fight to protect property rights; and we need your support now more than ever.

Monetary donations can be mailed to 6050 Old Hwy 2 Berthold, ND 58718 or made through PayPal on our website,

Thank you for your support!

Northwest Landowners Association Board of Directors