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NWLA at the Legislature!

Northwest Landowners Association’s leadership has been busy these last few weeks in Bismarck at the legislative session continuing to advocate for landowners. Specifically, here is a list of legislation currently being pursued. Please click on the bill number to be linked to the appropriate bill status.

  • HB 1026: NWLA provided input and served on the working group that has crafted this legislation. The bill will improve the process by which land with underground facilities is surveyed and excavated. It allows for a complete redesign of the One-Call system that reduces marking and assigns responsibility for clean up. NWLA is in support of this legislation.
  • HB 1151: The “Spill Bill” would no longer require companies to report spills of crude oil, produced water, or natural gas that are contained to a well site or production location and are less than 10 barrels (420 gallons). The current rule is to report spills of 1 barrel or more. NWLA is NOT in support of this legislation.
  • SB 2225: The “No Trespass Bill” refers to criminal trespass and hunting on private land. With successful passage, this bill would consider all private land as posted. NWLA is in support of this legislation.
  • SB 2236: This legislation would make permanent the Ombudsman Program, which was established in the 2015 Legislative Session through a bill that NWLA championed. NWLA is in support of this legislation.
  • SB 2331: The “Sampling Bill” relates to the protection of groundwater and other responsibilities of a mineral developer. It would require that soils be sampled on oil and gas sites to provide a background record for spill cleanup. NWLA is in support of this legislation.
  • SB 2332: This bill is to allow for just compensation for property taken through eminent domain. NWLA is in support of this legislation.
  • SB 2333: This legislation refers to the reclamation and remediation of any land disturbed by construction of well sites, treating plants, saltwater handling facilities, access roads, underground gathering pipelines and associated facilities. It states that the land shall be reclaimed as close as practicable to its original condition as it existed before the construction of the well site or other disturbance. NWLA is in support of this legislation.
  • SB 2047: This legislation would amend the current procedures of eminent domain for water resource boards. Among other amendments, it would require that county governments vote upon the eminent domain proceedings, allow landowners to testify regarding their individual circumstances, and require that only projects receiving legislative funding would be allowed to utilize eminent domain. NWLA is in support of this legislation.

Additionally, NWLA is working with the Agriculture Commission and Public Service Commission for amendments to their budgets to allow for studies of reclamation standards and long-term wind farm impacts, respectively.

While the leadership of NWLA will continue to work hard to advocate for landowners, it is important that your local representatives hear from YOU regarding this legislation. To find your local legislator, you can click HERE. If you would like assistance writing letters or emails of support to your representatives, please contact Megan ( and she will help you.

If you have any questions or are in any way interested in participating in NWLA’s advocacy efforts, whether by providing evidence or testimony, please contact Troy Coons, Chairman, at 701-721-4258. It takes the input and efforts of many in order to enact true change for landowners in North Dakota.