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NDSU Extension Service Brine Spill Café Talk in Stanley

On April 27, 2017

The third and final NDSU Brine Spill Café Talk was held in Stanley, ND this morning. This meeting was the largest of all 3 meetings, with 35 people in attendance. There was representation from several landowners, large oil companies, PhD students, NDSU employees, and many NWLA board members. The conversation was educational in regards to various remediation options for a brine spill; such as using gypsum or the scoop and haul method. Landowners who experience a brine spill on their land are encouraged to obtain a soil sample, of non-contaminated soil near the spill, for reference of levels the soil needs to be remediated to. Here is a Remediation Resource Manual the Northwest Landowners Association were instrumental in developing.

NDSU Extension Service urged landowners to let them know if there is any way they can help with brine spill education or research; this is one of the main reasons for hosting the Brine Spill Café Talks. You can contact Miranda Meehan PhD, Ext. Livestock Environmental Stewardship Specialist, at with any questions about the research their conducting.

The Northwest Landowners Association are proud to sponsor events, such as these, to continue educating landowners of North Dakota. We strive to help landowners address concerns they may have, and we plan to host more round table discussions throughout ND this Fall. If you have any concerns you wish to contact NWLA about, please don’t hesitate to contact Amy, NWLA Exec. Director, at or any of our board members listed HERE.